Daniel Tedford is a music teacher, touring performer and freelance session musician.

At the tender age of seven Daniel was tackling his classical violin method as voraciously as the irish folk tunes he learned from his father’s band. Today Daniel’s passion is sharing his knowledge of music theory, composition and performance, and helping aspiring musicians of all levels develop and hone their skills. He teaches violin, viola, guitar, mandolin, ukulele and tenor banjo privately and in schools.

Daniel has performed and toured locally and internationally with many bands including 8ft Felix, the Willie Wagtails, Ice Cream in a Mug, Teddy & the Ricochets and Rhythm Kitchen. His performance repertoire spans many genres.

Daniel holds a Bachelor of Applied Music (Composition) from Box Hill Institute (completed 2010) and a Master of Teaching (Secondary) from University of Melbourne (completed 2014).

In 2017 Daniel recorded his debut solo album, 'Egoboo', to be released in late 2018. Its release is anticipated eagerly.