Ice Cream In A Mug

Ice Cream in a Mug

A sugary collective of eccentric eyebrow-raisers performing a mixture of 20s - 40s hollywood show tunes, british pre-war jazz and other standards under themes of happiness, hope and food.

'Footprints in the Butter' (2016) - violin, mandolin, vocals

The Willie Wagtails

The Willie Wagtails

An Australiana jazz folk group bringing together many influences from various songwriters. Often high energy performance complemented with tongue-in-cheek lyricism.

'Bushrangers Need Bush' (2015) - mandolin, vocals
'Strathbogie' (2017) - violin, mandolin, vocals

8ft Felix

8ft Felix

A maritime themed dance band, with influences ranging from eastern european folk, ska and funk roots, sea shanties, hip-hop and blues rock.

'Mad Isle' (2016) - guitar, violin, mandolin

Teddy and the Ricochets

Teddy & the Ricochets

String trio and guitar arranged for songs written by Daniel Tedford.

Teddy & the Ricochets EP (2014) - guitar, violin and vocals



A five piece indie rock group formed behind the songwriting of Michael McKay.

Pourparlour EP (2012) - violin, mandolin, hand percussion, vocals